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Core Training

This training teaches facilitators to run Mom Power, a Group-Based Intervention Program for Mothers

Mom Power is a 10-week, 13-session evidence-based, theory driven intervention that uses an innovative and proven curriculum specifically designed to target trauma-induced barriers to healthy relationships, social support, and engagement with resources and services. While manualized, Mom Power is highly individualized and interactive and provides a nurturing environment for mothers as they reflect on their lived experiences and grow the skills and tools needed to promote both their own and their children’s health and well-being.

A unique aspect of Mom Power is the Child Team which provides each child with one-on-one care focusing on meeting the child’s social-emotional needs and providing attachment-related experiences within a developmental framework. The Child Team aims to create a physically and emotionally safe environment for the children, so moms feel confident in the care their children are receiving and can focus on the learning provided in the Mom’s Group.

How Does Mom Power Help?

Mom Power provides parents with mental health and parenting psychoeducation, engages them in emotional and physical self-care to reduce their symptoms of depression and anxiety, elicits their reflective curiosity, and nurtures their reflective capacity. Mom Power embraces evidence-based theory and practice and is the only program, to date, that has documented brain changes in participants “empathy circuits.”

The long-term objectives of Mom Power are to help build (or strengthen) enhanced protective factors for families with young children to ensure they have the resources they need to reach their full potential. This includes an increased knowledge of parenting and child development, strengthened child social-emotional competence, increased social connections, improved access to concrete support in times of need, and strengthened parent and family resilien


Attachment-Based Parenting Psychoeducation
Supported Parent-Child Interactions
Enhanced Social Support
Connection to Culturally Relevant Resources


Any organization/individual who completes a Strong Roots Training may use the materials with attribution to the creators Maria Muzik, MD, Katherine Rosenblum, PhD, and Melisa Schuster, LMSW.

In order to run a group and call it Mom Power there are certain practices that must be in place to ensure fidelity to the model. These requirements allow the first two groups to run with the support and guidance of the experienced Strong Roots team as well as provide facilitators with the training, guidance and direction for subsequent groups Below are costs and milestones associated with implementing a group to fidelity.

Mom Power Fidelity

1. Complete the 5-Day Virtual Training (this training)

  • 5 5-hour days of synchronous training.
  • 5-10 hours of asynchronous training (to complete before and during the 5-day virtual training to allow time for questions synchronously).


2. Engage in Reflective Consultation

  • Reflective Consultation with a Zero to Thrive consultant for 2 rounds of group facilitation.
  • 1.5 hours for 12 weeks of reflective supervision, for 2 groups at a cost of $5,600 ($2,800 per group).

3. Groups must be run with 2 facilitators (at lease 1 masters level clinician) and follow the 10-week, 13 session curriculum

Training Information

Next Training:

October 19-20 and 23-25, 2023

12:00 – 5:00 pm EST


Five Five-Hour Days


Who Should Attend?

Mental health and other health providers interested in providing support to mothers and their families.



What’s Included?

  • Digital access to Mom Power curriculum and supplemental materials
  • Technical Assistance – Up to 5 hours of technical assistance per site is included in the cost of training to support successful implementation of your Strong Roots Mom Power group.