The Science Is Clear

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The earliest years of life are critically important and strong relationships are the foundation for families’ success across multiple generations.

Zero to Thrive Nurtures Hope

We believe all parents and caregivers want their children to grow and thrive. Pregnancy, infancy and early childhood can be a time of tremendous hope and

opportunity. Zero To Thrive is built on the premise that this period is an especially sensitive time for mitigating the multi-generational effects of inequity, trauma, and adversity and promoting mental health.

We promote the health and resilience of families

from pregnancy through early childhood with research, education, partnership, and service.

Train With Us

Learn evidence-based group programs to help address multi-generational effects of inequity, trauma, and adversity from pregnancy through early childhood.

Partner With Us

We provide psychiatric support and training for primary care providers who are managing patients with behavioral health needs.

Help For Families

We offer helpful resources for families, including tip sheet and guides for parents, clinical information, and help finding a Strong Roots program near you.

Explore Our Reseach

Our research is centered on creating cutting-edge treatments and tools to find real-world solutions to problems families face from pre-conception through early childhood.

What People Are Saying

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"It's really encouraging to see where I started from, in what I would have described as this really dark, empty, lonely place ... I can see that my face is brighter and happier, and that I look softer. And I know that's what my kids are seeing, and that is really important to me."

Thrive With Your Baby Participant

"Everything I've learned is very important for my daughter. It's mainly for her, because If I'm not good, then she's not good. I can be strong, and I'm going to teach my kids how to be strong."

Mom Power Participant

"I just wanted to thank you, I have learned so much and am so appreciative of your time. I am impressed and in awe of the programs and services available to patients. This has been a wonderful experience!"

LMSW MC3 Behavioral Health Consultant

What People Are Saying

"I cannot emphasize how significant this service is for my work and for providing exceptional care to my patients and their families."

MC3 Primary Care Provider

"I learned from Mom Power different coping skills...and It also helped to see that there were other parents going through the exact same thing I was. It was great."

Mom Power Participant

"Working in a rural area with no pediatric psychiatric help, this program has been a game changer in my ability to care for my "whole" patient. It has helped me in the "how" and "why" of diagnosis and treatment of different mental health problems that I typically would have referred out."

MC3 Nurse Practitioner

The University of Michigan has been a leader in perinatal

and infant and early childhood mental health for many decades.

The field of infant and early childhood mental health nationally and internationally was launched by the pioneering work of Selma Fraiberg, a social worker in the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry in the1970’s. UM Department of Psychiatry has been instrumental in establishing the field of Perinatal Psychiatry to address the needs of women from preconception through pregnancy and beyond. Cutting-edge work continues today through the innovative multidisciplinary Zero to Thrive initiative, led by Drs. Kate Rosenblum and Maria Muzik.

What's Happening

Photo of Dr Jessica Riggs Accepting 2024 Emerging Scholar Award
Dr. Jessica Riggs Receives 2024 Emerging Scholar Award
father holds hand of newly born baby in diapers
Examining the Link Between ACE’s and Placental Cortisol Dysregulation
Strong Roots Mom Power recently gained rating by the CEBC!