The science is clear – the earliest years of life are critically important and strong relationships are the foundation for families’ success across multiple generations.

Zero to Thrive is built on the premise that the period from pregnancy through early childhood is an especially sensitive time for mitigating the multi-generational effects of inequity, trauma, and adversity and promoting mental health.


Families with young children are struggling; nearly a quarter live in poverty, and many face high levels of toxic stress, the impact of which can be carried across generations.

We understand now more than ever the science of “toxic stress” and how adversity experienced during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood can interfere with children’s and families’ abilities to reach their fullest potential. Zero to Thrive aims to mitigate the impact of these toxic stressors through scientific discoveries, increased public awareness, and development and delivery of programs and service targeted at innovative solutions.

What’s Happening

Drs. Maria Muzik and Kate Rosenblum to give keynote at Zero to Three Learn Institute conference

Zero to Thrive research informs new study showing positive impacts of therapy with young children and parents

Demographic and psychological factors that predict retention in infant mental health home visiting