Perinatal DBT

A Group-Based Intervention to Support Mental Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Strong Roots Perinatal DBT is an 18-week group intervention for at-risk mothers created by Katie Bresky, LMSW, Natalie Burns, LMSW, Maria Muzik, MD, MSc, and Kate Rosenblum, PhD, ABPP and based on the

works of Marsha Linehan, PhD. It is a treatment approach that is well suited to honor biological, environmental, mood and interpersonal changes present in the perinatal period. The treatment incorporates several evidence-based therapies including DBT, Strong Roots concepts, Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Infant Parent Psychotherapy and is rooted in trauma informed principles. 

How Does Perinatal DBT Help?

SR-Perinatal DBT is accessible, supportive, and sensitive to the unique needs of women during the perinatal period, teaching concrete therapeutic skills that target frequent areas of difficulty in the perinatal period. We focus on mood regulation and coping skills that promote mothers’ mental health, peer support, parenting competence, and parent-child relationships. Strong Roots Perinatal DBT ultimately seeks to prevent recurrence of mental health episodes in mothers and the inter-generational transmission of risk and trauma to their children.  

With the training we will provide participants the opportunity to explore ways to successfully build the curriculum into their practice, in both group and individual settings. It serves as an overview to Strong Roots Perinatal DBT and will include the core curriculum training manual, a review of the four core modules as well as

client/patient handouts.  

Each participant will receive 18 hours of training, be provided with an electronic copy of the finalized manual and patient handouts as well as a basic child group curriculum that you may run concurrently to support childcare and therapeutic needs of the family. You will also have access to asynchronous learning modules that explore foundational concepts within Strong Roots Perinatal DBT.


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