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Strong Military Families

Article: Strong Military Families Intervention Enhances Parenting Reflectivity and Representations in Families with Young Children

M. M. Julian, M. Muzik, M. Kees, M. Valenstein, K.L. Rosenblum

Article: Strong Military Families Program: A Multifamily Group Approach to Strengthening Family Resilience

K. Rosenblum, M. Muzik, R. Waddell, S. Thompson, L. Rosenberg, G. Masini, K. Smith

Wins for Warriors Weekend Retreat

Infographic with highlights from the Strong Military Families ‘Wins for Warriors’ weekend retreat.

Washtenaw County Collaboration

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Treating Parent-Infant Relationship Problems: Strategies for Intervention

Edited by Arnold J. Sameroff, Susan C. McDonough, Katherine Rosenblum