We believe in the inherent power and strength in families. Our work aims to support families, from the start, with programs, resources, and tools to sustain nurturing, supportive relationships that help families thrive now and into the next generation.

All parents want to see their children learn, grow, and thrive. Indeed, decades of research confirms what practical life experience also tells us: early relationships are foundational!  But we know that parenting is often challenging, and all parents need support. 


At Zero to Thrive we focus on programs, services, and resources that support and nurture families during these early years, and that offer support for many of the challenges that families might face.  These programs and resources address a wide range of infant, child, and parent/caregiver needs, and include, but are not limited to, programs to support mental health in pregnancy and postpartum, support for parenting, specialty mental health clinics for parents and/or children from pregnancy through early childhood, and connection to resources to help strengthen family resilience.  We strive to nurture and support parents, caregivers, families, and communities so that they, in turn, can nurture and support the next generation. 


Following are several of the programs and resources we offer families, as well as links to additional resources and supports to support family resilience. 

Strong Roots for Parents

Locate a Strong Roots

therapy group near you.


Psychiatry clinics include the Infant and Early Childhood Clinic and the Perinatal and Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic.

Resource Library

Take a look at our library of resources that include publications, tips, and guides for professionals and parents.


Supporting young children with conversations on race and racism.

For Immediate Support

Contact the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline:

Call or text 988 from any phone for immediate help

Or find a Mental Health or Addiction Professional in your area