Parent Café

A Parent-to-Parent Group-Based Intervention
Strong Roots Parent Cafés offer parent support and connection through peer-led community-based conversations to promote reflection and resilience from pregnancy through early childhood. Strong Roots Parent Cafés are an adaptation of the Parent Café model from the national organization, Be Strong Families, and incorporate key Strong Roots protective factors that include parental self-care, social connections, an attachment-based parenting framework, and connection to community-based resources. Strong Roots Parent Cafés support all families whether or not they have experienced other Strong Roots programs.
For parents who have previously participated in Strong Roots groups, Strong Roots Parent Cafés may provide an opportunity for ongoing support and connection.

How Do Strong Roots Parent Cafe's Help?

Strong Roots Parent Cafés utilize small group conversations with families to facilitate transformation and healing, strengthen community, foster peer-to-peer relationships, and connect parents as partners in the programs in their communities. These conversations are led by a team of trained parent hosts which supports empowering community members.  

Card Deck

The Strong Roots Parent Café in a Box features 40 Café cards. Each card includes questions, in both English and Spanish, that align with the five Strong Roots Protective Factors: Caring for Myself, Connecting with My People, Enjoying with My Child, Getting Help, and Supporting feelings. Strong Roots Parent Cafés were designed for a variety of audiences including people who have participated in a Strong Roots parenting program, people who have familiarity with Strong Roots principles and practices, as well as for people with no prior Strong Roots experience who want more pregnancy and early childhood focused Parent Café questions. The Strong Roots Parent Café card deck is a tool that supports parent engagement and community development through casual conversations with peers.