Train with Us

Our innovative and bold solutions prevent the transfer of risk from one generation to the next.


Learn evidence-based group programs to help address multi-generational effects of inequity, trauma, and adversity from pregnancy through early childhood.



Bring Strong Roots Principles and Practices to your organization. These are targeted workshops that quickly infuse the Strong Roots concepts and skills necessary to promote resiliency in pregnant women and families with young children.


Zero to Thrive offers destination training for multiple disciplines interested in perinatal and infant and young children’s mental health. We seek passionate, highly-motivated individuals

across disciplines and levels who seek to have an impact on women, families, and young children.

Research training opportunities offer access to one of the world’s premier research institution’s faculty and resources. The University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry ranks in the top 15 in NIH research funding. Zero To Thrive faculty are committed to creating the next generation of researchers who will find bold solutions that prevent the transfer of risk from one generation to the next.