Child and Family


Zero To Thrive is built on the premise that the period from pregnancy through early childhood is an especially sensitive time for mitigating the multi-generational effects of inequity, trauma, and adversity and promoting mental health. We believe that providing families, from the start, with cutting-edge treatment and tools needed to sustain nurturing, supportive relationships will serve as a protective buffer that allows families to thrive now and into the next generation. Z2T will therefore harness the power of collaboration across the University of Michigan and with communities to create a portfolio of research, treatment, training, and advocacy initiatives that support well-being and resilience across two generations.


From pregnancy through early childhood all families will have the well-being necessary to achieve their full potential.


To spark robust scientific discoveries, quality training, and vibrant cross-sector initiatives that create breakthrough, real-world solutions to transform the well-being and resilience of families from conception to early childhood with impacts for generations to come.

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Strategic Aims

There are four strategic aims to our work:

Maximize cross-sector collaboration, application of research findings, and the voice of the individuals we serve to promote health across generations.

Seek to discover biopsychosocial mechanisms, novel clinical treatments, and community-based initiatives that support families thriving across generations.

Provide high-quality mental health consultation and continuing care for perinatal women, parents, and their young children experiencing depression, anxiety, and/or trauma.

Foster the development of the next generation of professionals’ talent and passion to serve perinatal women, parents, infants, and young children.

Prioritized Strategic Objectives for 2020

Promoting the health and resilience of families from pregnancy through early childhood through research, education, partnership, and service.

Increase the spread of Strong Roots programs with emphasis on Mom Power and Fraternity of Fathers.

Expand the multi-disciplinary network of UM faculty interested in impacting the outcomes of perinatal women and families of young children.

Expand the reach of Zero to Thrive clinics.


Technological Solutions

Broaden the capacity of technology to provide services to perinatal women and families with young children.

Guiding Principles


We will create long-term funding plans at the inception of community-based programs and seek a diverse funding portfolio.


From inception to application, we will infuse the voice of real people and communities in our work.


We work with multi-sector partners from many disciplines, communities, academic institutions, and diverse families.


We are working across two generations and having an impact now and into the future.