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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Resources for Professionals

Thriving Childcare: Ensuring Young Children’s Well-being and Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Members of the Zero to Thrive Translational Network have answered Governor Whitmer’s call for assistance with recommendations for guidelines on re-opening childcare facilities. To learn more about strategies to maintain the physical health and safety of children and staff while attending to the social-emotional health of infants and young children, please review the following resources:

Telehealth Service in Infant Mental Health Home Visiting

As we adapt to these unexpected and challenging times, infant mental health (IMH) home visitors around the world are faced with making the transition to technology as a medium to support families. Home visitors are being called upon to “hold” a great deal—their own feelings in these uncertain times, fears and worries about families navigating this crisis, and learning how to practice in new and unfamiliar ways. We are going through this alongside our clients and many of us are worried about finances and health, juggling the care of children or parents, and struggling to comprehend all of the ramifications of this new “not-normal” world. As a wise IMH therapist recently noted, “this is not ‘business as usual.’”

In collectively navigating these challenges, we want to remind ourselves that the things we already know and do as IMH providers remain relevant. Indeed, they are even more critical. Each of the components of IMH home visiting can be delivered in the “video” or “tele” environment.

In collaboration with professionals from the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health, Starfish Family Services, and the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health, the Zero to Thrive team put together an informational sheet that outlines strategies that can help IMH services be effective in the context of telemental health:

These are unprecedented times.  But these times also create tremendous opportunities for us to practice our values- to care for others, connect with those we love, to find community and purpose wherever we can.   This reminds us all of how connected we are to one another—and ultimately, we get through this together.  

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