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Thriving Childcare: Ensuring Young Children’s Well-being and Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Zero to Thrive at Michigan Medicine presents a discussion for childcare providers regarding the recently signed Executive Order (EO 2020-164) requiring masks at childcare centers and camps. Wearing a mask is important to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but there are challenges in helping kids with this new reality. Zero To Thrive faculty members will focus on young children’s social-emotional needs with masks, the health and safety of masks, and preparing children for wearing masks. Mark Jansen, Director of the Child Care Licensing Division for LARA, helps explain the requirements of the recent EO impacting young kids.


Katherine Rosenblum,



Michigan Medicine,

Department of Psychiatry;

Co-Director, Zero To Thrive

Andrew Hashikawa,


Associate Professor,

Michigan Medicine,

Department of Pediatric

Emergency Medicine

Prachi Shah,

Associate Professor,

Michigan Medicine,

Department of Pediatrics –


Mark Jansen


Child Care Licensing Division,

Licensing and Regulatory

Affairs (LARA)

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