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Tips for Supporting Sleep During a Pandemic

If you’re having trouble sleeping during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out these tips to fall asleep easier and get more rest.


Make Sleep a Priority


Use bed for sleep and sex only

  • Avoid spending time in bed when not sleeping (e.g., while working or watching TV)
  • If you are working from home, move your home office away from your bed


Pay attention to light

  • Dim light (only enough to see) within 90 minutes of bedtime, during sleep period; keep electronic devices on dimmest setting
  • Consider using orange-red light bulb (from hardware store) if you need light during the night to feed, care for baby
  • In the morning, get as much bright light (for baby and mother) as possible; sunlight is best 


Have a 30-60 minute “wind down” zone before attempting sleep; engage in relaxing, quiet, activities in dim light 

  • Can also be helpful for baby (starting around 3-6 months of age) to have pre-bedtime routine
  • Avoid reading or watching news or social media during your wind down
  • Try soothing or calming strategies (e.g., mindful meditation) during this time 


Don’t “try” to sleep

  • Lie down to go to sleep only when sleepy
  • Get out of bed when unable to sleep; do calm, distracting activity, such as reading in low light or watching TV, until you feel sleepy


Keep a consistent wake time when possible


Scheduled naps are OK; nap in bed if possible and aim for 6 hours after wake time


Weigh the costs/benefits of breastfeeding/pumping if you are experiencing significant sleep deprivation related to feeding

Insomnia Self-help Books

The Insomnia Answer (Glovinsky & Speilman)

Online CBT for Insomnia

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