APA Accredited Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology

The University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry and Postdoctoral Training Network is accepting applications for a two-year APA-accredited postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology. The program provides a core curriculum, evidence-based clinical training, and focused research mentorship. The program is evenly split between research and clinical training. Our fellowship focuses on building knowledge and skills that enable fellows to develop a body of independent research and prepare for a career as a scientist-practitioner. This year, opportunities are available to pursue developmental psychopathology and innovative intervention research in the following areas: youth depression and suicide prevention (YDSP) and perinatal, infant and early childhood mental health (Zero to Thrive). Each of these research programs provide opportunities for involvement in intervention science and community dissemination and implementation. Clinical training occurs in a variety of specialty child psychiatry outpatient clinics and the option for a short inpatient and/or eating disorders rotation. Please refer to the brochure on our website for further information.

Applicants must have a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from an APA or CPA accredited program by August, 2021. The start date of the fellowship is September 1, 2021. The stipend is currently $52,704 for 1st year fellows and $53,076 for 2nd year fellows. Benefits include vacation, sick and professional development time, and health care coverage. The University of Michigan is a non-discriminatory/affirmative action employer. We especially encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups. Deadline for applications is Tuesday, December 1, 2020. All recruitment will be conducted virtually this year. 

For further information, contact: Angela Fish, Ph.D., Child and Adolescent Psychology Training Program Director, amfish@med.umich.edu, and see the Postdoctoral Training Webpage. For detailed information about the child program, please click on the link for clinical child psychology and then download our brochure at the bottom of the page.