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Strong Roots Core Training

All parents want their children to grow and thrive.  Just like the roots of a tree, early relationships lay a critical foundation for children’s healthy development, and provide a protective buffer when storm winds blow.  The Strong Roots programs were developed in partnership with parents and providers to deliver an integrated parenting and mental health curriculum that incorporates evidenced based concepts that can be configured or adapted for different audiences. The long-term objective of the Strong Roots programs is to strengthen protective factors for families with young children, from conception through early childhood, to ensure they have the resources they need to reach their full potential. These protective factors include knowledge of parenting and child development, child social-emotional competence, supportive social connections, access to concrete support in times of need, and strengthened parent and family resiliency. Our Strong Roots core curriculum offers parents a soft-safe entry into care, delivering a mental health and parenting psychoeducation, strategies for emotional and physical self-care to enhance resilience, and experiential learning opportunities to nurture parental curiosity and reflection to support responsive parenting, and can help providers create a soft-safe entry into care. 

This training will comprehensively cover Strong Roots Core concepts and allow attendees opportunities to practice delivering these concepts in an interactive format. This training includes access to the Mom Power curriculum and will satisfy the training requirement for attendees to implement Mom Power groups. Additional training may be required to implement other Strong Roots Adaptation programming. 

The Five Core Components of Strong Roots:

  1. Teaching Attachment-Based Parenting Skills in an Educational Group
  2. Teaching Self-Care Skills, Stress Reduction, and Mind-Body Exercises
  3. Enhancing Social Supports
  4. Promoting Parent-Child Interactions
  5. Connecting Participants to Ongoing Care

August 17-19 and 22-23, 2022

12:00-5:00pm EST

Registration will open in July 2022

November 9-11 and 14-15, 2022

12:00-5:00pm EST

Registration will open in October 2022

Michigan Model DBT for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Michigan Model DBT-Pregnancy and Postpartum is a 20-week group intervention for at-risk mothers created by Katie Bresky, LMSW, Natalie Burns, LMSW, Maria Muzik, MD, MSc, and Kate Rosenblum, PhD, ABPP and based on the works of Marsha Linehan, PhD. It is a treatment approach that is well suited to honor biological, environmental, mood and interpersonal changes present in the perinatal period. The treatment incorporates several evidence-based therapies including DBT, Strong Roots concepts, Interpersonal psychotherapy and Infant Parent Psychotherapy and is rooted in trauma informed principles.

January 12-14, 2022

12:00-5:00 pm

Registration is Closed

APA Accredited Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology

The University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry and Postdoctoral Training Network is accepting applications for a two-year APA-accredited postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology. The program provides a core curriculum, focused research mentorship, and evidence-based clinical training.