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Featured Publications are a handful of Translational Network Faculty Publications that are currently relevant and/or newly published. Check back frequently for new publications.

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Featured Publications

Reflections on Children with Developmental and Behavioral Challenges Who Are Thriving While Sheltering in Place

Megan H. Pesch, MD, MS, Megan M. Julian, PhD, Tiffany G. Munzer, MD

Financial Toll of Untreated Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Among 2017 Births in the United States

D.L. Luca, C. Margiotta, C. Staatz, E. Garlow, A. Christensen, and K. Zivin

Developmental Differences in the Association of Peer Relationships with Traumatic Stress Symptoms

R.L. Sokol, M.A. Zimmerman, B.E. Perron, K.L. Rosenblum, M.Muzik & A.L. Miller 

Mental health in primary care for adolescent parents

D. LePlatte, K.L. Rosenblum, E. Stanton, N. M. Miller, M. Muzik

Cross-System Collaboration and Engagement of the Public Health Model to Promote the Well-Being of Children and Families

Todd I. Herrenkohl, University of Michigan School of Social Work

Regionalization of Care and the Maternal-Infant Dyad Disconnect

S. C. Handley, S. K. Srinivas, S. A. Lorch

Textbook: Motherhood in the Face of Trauma: Pathways Towards Healing and Growth

Maria Muzik, Katherine Rosenblum

Textbook: Treating Parent-Infant Relationship Problems

Edited by Arnold J. Sameroff, Susan C. McDonough, Katherine Rosenblum

Mom Power Publications

A community-based randomized controlled trial of Mom Power parenting intervention for mothers with interpersonal trauma histories and their young children

K. L. Rosenblum, M. Muzik, D. M. Morelen, E. A. Alfafara, N.M. Miller, R. M. Waddell, M. M. Schuster, J. Ribaudo

A Mental Health and Parenting Intervention for Adolescent and Young Adult Mothers and Their Infants

M. Muzik, K. L. Rosenblum, M. M. Schuster, E.S. Kohler, E. Alfafara, N. Miller

Improving Maternal Representations in High-Risk Mothers: A Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Mom Power Parenting Intervention

K. L. Rosenblum, J. Lawler, E. A. Alfafara, N. M. Miller, M. M. Schuster, M. Muzik

Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Participant Recruitment and Retention in the Mom Power Parenting Intervention Program

L. E. Mucka, C.J. Dayton, J. Lawler, R. Kirk, E. Alfafara, M. M. Schuster, N. Miller, J. Ribaudo, K. L. Rosenblum, M. Muzik

Mom Power: preliminary outcomes of a group intervention to improve mental health and parenting among high-risk mothers

M. Muzik, K. L. Rosenblum, E. A. Alfafara, M. M. Schuster, N.M. Miller, R. M. Waddell, E.S. Kohler

Mom Power: Promoting Parenting and Maternal Mental Health Among Families With Young Children

S. Lytle, S. Nagle-Yang, E. Wolfish, M. Gabriel, J. Amin, A. Huth-Bocks

Parent-child intervention decreases stress and increases maternal brain activity and connectivity during own baby-cry: An exploratory study

J. E. Swain, S. Shaun Ho, K.L. Rosenblum, D. M. Morelen, C.J. Dayton, M. Muzik

Predictors of Treatment Engagement to the Parenting Intervention Mom Power Among Caucasian and African American Mothers

M. Muzik, M. Schmicker, E. Alfafara, C. Dayton, M. Schuster, K. Rosenblum

Peer-Reviewed Articles Published on Mom Power

This document includes a list of additional peer-reviewed articles published on Mom Power.