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Z2T Translational Network Response to COVID-19

Dr. Alison Miller & President Schlissel and School of Public Health’s Outreach: 

Dr. Miller was part of a group of faculty from the SPH who had a conversation with President Schlissel regarding the impact of coronavirus response efforts. Please review the video of that conversation below. The SPH posted a Q & A with Dr. Miller on social distancing and mental health during the pandemic (link below) and the SPH podcasts includes Dr. Miller on 3/25/20 (link below). 


Associate Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education

Research Associate Professor, Center for Human Growth and Development

Parenting Research Brief

Dr. Shawna J. Lee from the School of Social Work has created a research brief, Stress and Parenting During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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“Parenting is hard, even in good times. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, American parents are being presented with new challenges on how best to meet their child’s needs. With schools and childcare centers closed, parents are providing more direct care for their children, with little respite from teachers and other caregivers. Furthermore, many are parenting their children under stressful conditions with a high degree of economic uncertainty. This research brief examines how parents are responding to their children during the Coronavirus pandemic.” 

'Stay at Home' Orders Are Stressing U.S. Families, Survey Shows

“Everybody is going to struggle in different ways, but kids are vulnerable and voiceless. Kids are going to suffer from this, too,” said Dr. Shawna Lee, associate professor of social work, whose research shows that the stress and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus is taking its toll on parents — and children are feeling the psychological and physical brunt of it.


Director, SSW Program Evaluation Group,

Associate Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work

Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research

MC3 and MC3 Perinatal

MC3 (led by Dr. Sheila Marcus) and MC3 Perinatal (led by Dr. Maria Muzik) provides guidance on diagnoses, medications, and psychotherapy interventions to primary care and obstetric providers throughout Michigan who are managing perinatal women and/or kids, and young adults (to age 26). MC3 and MC3 Perinatal is responding to the pandemic in the following ways: 

  • MC3 remains open for phone-based consultation, scheduled consultation and launching pilot of evening hours on Monday, April 6 . 
  • Behavioral Health Consultants are surveying enrolled practices to determine needs for guidance and support. 
  • Behavioral Health Consultants are confirming virtual access to local resources. 
  • Updated website with specific COVID-19 resources. 
  • Planning live sessions that addresses the needs of clinicians and possibly parents. 


Clinical Professor

Section Chief, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Associate Professor, UM Dept. of Psychiatry and Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Co-Director, Women and Infants Mental Health Program (WIMHP)