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Webinars & Educational Videos

Strategies for Perinatal Providers: Coping During Stressful Times

Maria Muzik, MD, MS and Sheila Marcus, MD

This Lifeline4Moms Network meeting is a presentation titled “Strategies for Perinatal Providers: Coping During Stressful Times,” in which the MC3 Perinatal Program from Michigan will present its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The response focused on strategies for their statewide network of perinatal providers to cope with the heightened distress of patients and provider self-care during these stressful times.

Detection & Treatment of Perinatal Mood Disorders

Maria Muzik, MD, MS

This presentation highlights the range of mental health problems including anxiety, mood, and substance use disorders, that are commonly encountered in the context of pregnancy and postpartum. Early detection and provision of adequate treatment is critical, to alleviate detrimental impact on maternal, fetal and infant outcomes. This talks features methods for screening, and current state of the art treatment options to address maternal mental illness including two innovative intervention programs developed at Michigan Medicine – Zero To Thrive, the HT2 (High Touch, High Tech) and the MC3 Perinatal (perinatal psychiatry access program for prescribers) interventions.